Evolving Applications For
The Enterprise Cloud

Deploy and Manage Containers At Scale
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  • hadoop
  • redhat
  • cassandra
  • nginx
  • docker
  • redis
  • spark
  • oracle database

Container Infrastructure Done Right.

2x more applications. 10x faster deployment. Up to 40% cost savings.
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From Development to Production

Move your apps and containers to production with ease in minutes. Whether you’re developing code natively or leveraging the latest Docker image, scaling your application from zero to 100 has never been easier.

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Powerful Distributed Service Control

Whether you’re deploying your bare metal Oracle DB as a service or creating a next generation microservice, SSH is no longer adequate for managing containers on a large scale. Our remote distributed service control provides the ability to configure, manage and monitor each component of the service via RESTful APIs.

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Robust and Secure Architecture

Evolute provides unique addressability, access to storage including NFS, SAN and Object (e.g S3 and Swift) enabling you to communicate with any infrastructure. Evolute provides rigorous container security optimized for large environments and offering high availability, up to Five 9's.

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See how you can deploy an entire service in 60 seconds!