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Our Story

Application containers are not a new technology; in fact, they have been a part of every Linux distribution for almost a decade. However, only recently have they become ever more ubiquitous, allowing users to do more with less and faster. Some of the features of containers include:

  • Saving valuable resources that used to be dedicated to virtual machines.
  • Faster development cycle which means it is easy and inexpensive to set up containers to isolate apps on the same machine.
  • Easier and cheaper to scale up and down than available infrastructure alternatives.

A great deal of development is currently being completed to accelerate the adoption and applicability of containers, by individuals such as Docker, Mesos and Kubernetes. Yet, companies with large scale systems hesitate to use containers in production environments due to fundamental gaps that are today hard to reconcile:

  • Inter-container networking is lacking. Containers can run well in isolation but it is hard to share application resources and communication across containers.
  • Significant security issues. An application running in a container is vulnerable to attacks and other applications running in other containers can affect it.
  • Unreliable availability at scale. Unlike virtual machines that can take minutes to restart, containers usually restart almost instantly. However, at scale it is very hard to detect failure of containers across hosts and handle it appropriately.
  • Limited storage flexibility and management. Containers are limited to the host they are deployed to, in order to connect up remote storage. As a result, the access to storage resources and the reliability of the server is impacted in a container environment.
  • Multi-tenancy. Network, scheduling and user management for enterprises are different than traditional public cloud environments in a shared everything environment.

Evolute’s goal is to take a closer look at the fundamental flaws that hinder containers to be safely and easily deployed in production, with a special emphasis on large scale systems as is often the case in private clouds. We work hard to provide users with the best in class solution to gaps in container networking, security, and robustness.

The Evolute solution allows our customers to rapidly and effectively deploy and manage containers at scale with up to Five 9’s availability. While public cloud deployments have become very popular, we strongly believe that there are specific needs that can only be adequately addressed on a larger scale in private cloud environments.

Who We Are

Evolute brings together some of the greatest minds across high tech challenges. From top technologists including Apple, IBM and Citrix to contributors to top open source projects who have created core capabilities in the container community.

Evolute Updates

The latest updates in our mission to move the enterprise to the latest generation of cloud scalability, reliable infrastructure and software productivity.

Q1 2018

Engagements with thought leaders across Intel Big Data and IoT group enabling the mobility of software applications and technology destined for L4 microkernels validating the capability to be moved and ran on the Evolute platform.

Q4 2017

Core Engineers including experts from VMware, CoreOS and Apple join Evolute’s team alongside board members contributing technical and thought leadership to industry changing migration and containerization platform.

Q3 2017

Successful implementation enabling a top 3 mobile devices manufacturer solidifying production and online migration of applications into container environment.

Enterprise Release 5 -- add capabilities to move multiple applications from a single machine over to containers, workflows to move entire datacenters and support for multiple operating systems.