Finally Containers You Can Trust in Production.

Compute. Networking. Storage. Simplified.

How it Works

  • Design, develop and test a single containerized app. Use your preferable container, language and framework.

    start with a single app

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  • Manage multiple applications across your team, organization, or function with ease. With Evolute, you can define the relationship between any number of databases, applications and/or web instances for any service at scale.

    configure a service

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  • Deploy and manage services in Production. Each service is secure and can be accessed based on roles and granted permissions. It is fast, easily scalable and you can enjoy up to five 9’s service availability.

    deploy in production

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Evolute - Rethink Containers

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Flexible storage with each container

Unlike other solutions that offer storage at the host level, each Evolute container comes with its own native storage. You can choose to access any SAN, NFS, or Object-based storage (e.g.S3, Swift). Different copies of the same container point to the same storage, which keeps data synced at all times.

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Enhanced security

Containers have a number of attack vectors including host, container and network security. Existing solutions default to insecure implementations leaving the foundation of your company’s data and enterprise systems vulnerable to attack. In addition to protecting applications at the host and container layer, network and application functions (userspace) must too be secured. Evolute properly protects your container, application and network by authenticating all LXC, cgroup and Layer 3 kernel interactions for hardened security.

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It’s fast!

30 seconds for application deployments per LXC (Oracle DB with Data), 500 instance Hadoop cluster in under 60 seconds; less than 1 second to initialize a single container.

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Distributed service control

ssh is not scalable for containers. Evolute’s unique distributed tools include embedded distributed remote access to control services at scale.

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Service configuration

You can determine the number of database instances, applications and web instanced for each service at scale. You can easily query the status of each component at any time and use Evolute’s architecture to take the appropriate option.

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Discoverable containers

Every Evolute container has its own unique IP address, which is recycled as containers are created and taken down. Services are discoverable with our configuration across your containerized environment.

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High availability

Built in failure detection and response allows Evolute to offer up to Five 9’s service availability

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Use the API you are familiar with to access containers and services.